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This Food Group comes near the apex of the Indian Food Pyramid and the number of servings in your diet should be less than for food items which are placed below.

Each serving in this Group contains 15 gms. of carbohydrates and gives 60 calories.

For fruits, one medium apple, banana, or orange would count as a serving. One wedge of melon, three quarters cup of fruit juice, or one half cup of chopped fruits or berries.

Examples of one serving of food from this group are:

OR   OR   OR  
1 small apple ½ cup apple juice beans 2 tablespoons raisins ½ cup canned fruit

One serving can be from the following food items:
Apple 1,2 inch wide
Apricots, raw 4
Avocado 2, medium
Bananas , medium size, 9 inches long
Chikoo 1, small
Papaya , cubed 1 cup
Pineapple , cubed cup
Amla ( Indian gooseberry) 15
Pomegranate (anar) cup
Jambu/Jamun 12-15 pieces
Jackfuit ( Fanas) 3, medium size
Watermelon ( cubed) 1 cup
Melon (honeydew) , medium size
Melon (musk) . medium size
Strawberries 1 cup
Raspberries 1 cup
Bor ( zizyphus) 20
Anjir (Figs) 2, large size
Orange 1, 2 wide
Pears 1, small size
Plums 2, 2 inch wide
Sweetlime 1, 2 wide
Peaches 1, 2 wide
Guava (amroodi) 1, medium size
Mango small
Grapes 15, small size
Grapefruit , 3 inch wide
Jambu (white) 15 pieces
Seetaphal , medium size
Cherries 12, large size
Dates (fresh) 3, medium size
Cantaloupe melon , medium size
Galia melon , medium size

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