12 Utappam

Rava (Sooji) 2 cups Rice flour 1 cup
Urad flour 1/2 cup Chopped Green Chillies 5
Onions 1 Cilantro 1 small cup
Curd 3 cups Salt


  1. Make a smooth flowing batter of Rava, Rice and Urad flour, by adding Curd alone.
  2. Use more curd to dilute the consistency.
  3. Add to it the chopped chillies, onions. Add salt as required.
  4. Spread the batter on a heated tawa and add oil on the sides.
  5. Roll it over after sometime, add some more oil. Serve it with hot cilantro chutney.
Nutrient Composition Per Serving
Energy (Kcal) 120 Carotene (μg) 299.8
Protein (g) 4.3 Vitamin C (mg) 6.33
Carbohydrate (g) 22.98 Mg (mg) 18.28
Fat (g) 1.27 Na (mg) 15.75
Fibre (g) 0.25 K (mg) 95.63
Minerals (g) 0.51 Mn (mg) 0.14
Calcium (mg) 57.16 Zn (mg) 0.29
Phosphorus (mg) 75.67 Cr (mg) 0.003
Iron (mg) 0.68


Cook one end of the uttapam with oil preferably on a non stick tava, turn over the uttapam, cover it with a lid and steam cook it to reduce the amount of oil used for preparation. More vegetables like tomatoes, boiled and crused peas can be added to the uttapam.