Serves 4

1 cup dalia Red or green chillies
1/3 cup sesame seeds 1 tbsp oil
1/2 cup coconut Tamarind pulp
2 tbsp chana dal 1/2 tsp sugar or jaggery
2 tbsp urad dal Pinch of hing
1 1/2 tbsp methi seeds

For Seasoning

1 tbsp oil Mustard seeds
Hing - a pinch Red chilli
Cumin seeds Curry leaves


  1. Fry all the ingredients (except the seasoning) in the oil in the order of daals, methi, sesame seeds, dalia, chilli, coconut.
  2. Remove from fire & grind with the tamarind pulp, sugar & salt.
  3. Add water according to the texture you need.
  4. Transfer the chutney into serving tray.
  5. Add the mustard & cumin seeds to the hot oil & when the mustard seeds pop, add hing, turn off the heat & add red chillies, curry leaves & add this to the chutney.
Nutrient Composition Per Dish
Energy (Kcal) 1512 Carotene (μg) 170.8
Protein (g) 61.21 Vitamin C (mg) 0.3
Carbohydrate (g) 136.23 Mg (mg) 190.85
Fat (g) 80.15 Na (mg) 50.78
Fibre (g) 9.78 K (mg) 673.25
Minerals (g) 9.83 Mn (mg) 1.86
Calcium (mg) 781.5 Zn (mg) 6.69
Phosphorus (mg) 1591.65 Cr (mg) 0.07
Iron (mg) 20.48