Do you have Diabetes

Do you have Diabetes!

Old Man Is there somebody you know who may have diabetes?It could be a friend, or even someone in your own family. Ask them to take our simple test. You could be gifting Health to someone you love!

  • 1. Do you have excessive thirst, pass a lot of urine, are you always hungry?
  • 2. Are you losing weight although you eat well?
  • 3. Do you feel that you have fatigue for no apparent reason?
  • 4. Are you tired all the time?
  • 5. Do you feel any tingling or numbness in the hands and feet?
  • 6. Do your feet feel hot or "burn" especially at night?
  • 7. Are you very prone to infections?
  • 8. Does any injury, or wound, take a long time to heal?
  • 9. Do you often have to check your vision?
  • 10. Do you have high blood pressure?
  • 11. Have you been told that you have high blood "fats"?
  • 12. Do you have any heart trouble especially at a young age?
  • 13. Did you get cataracts at an early age?
  • 14. Do you have any sexual problems such as impotency?
  • 15. Are you overweight?
  • 16. Do you have a blood relative who has diabetes?

Old LadyIf the answer to any of these questions is a yes, a test to rule out diabetes must be done.In fact quite a few people may not have any signs or symptoms and yet have diabetes. Therefore, it is generally felt that ALL PERSONS OVER THE AGE OF 30 YEARS SHOULD UNDERGO AN ANNUAL TEST FOR THE PRESENCE OF DIABETES.

Today the test procedure has been so simplified that just a fasting blood sample is adequate to diagnose diabetes. Some people still carry out the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, although with the new diagnostic criteria, it is no longer essential. Your doctor should be able to tell you about the new methods and criteria for diagnosis. For details click here.