Diabetes And Sick Days

Diabetes And Sick Days

C. Munichoodappa
The Bangalore Hospital
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You have diabetes and has been regularly taking insulin. What you should do if you are ill with fever, loss of appetite, having vomiting or loose motion?.

1) Do not omit insulin.

In case of illness even if you do not take food, body produces sugar from liver and muscle and increases blood sugar. Therefore insulin is crucial to control raise in blood sugar level. Omission of insulin may also lead to acid production from breaking down the fat in the body and diabetic coma.

Take usual dose and inaddition check urine for sugar and ketone/ blood sugar every 4 hours and take additional insulin on the advise of your doctor.

2) Eat what you can. If solid cannot be taken, drink fluids like fruit juice, kanji, milk, tender coconut water, electrol etc,

If nausea / vomiting persists and you cannot take any fluids, seek the guidance of your doctor or reach a nearest hospital or nursing home.