Indian Food Pyramid

Take Control! - Make Up Your Own Diet

Dr. S.M. Sadikot (Mumbai)
Consultant in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders,
Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai.

And this all the more so if the person has diabetes. People fear that a diabetes diet is rigid and boring making them eat the same foods day in and out, does not allow foods which they like and which normally forms a staple part of their daily diet.

This is far from true!

Today, it is widely accepted that the traditional Indian foods ( with a few minor modifications) is the best diet for a person with diabetes! Not only can you enjoy most of the foods you like, but the diet can be as varied as you like. In fact, as we go along we will keep introducing you to foods which may not be a part of your diet now, but which will make the whole experience of dieting a rich and fascinating aspect of your diabetes management.

So how will you make up own diet?

It's easy, and although it may at first seem difficult, stay with us as we take you through the steps involved in drawing up your own meal plans and soon you will wonder what the whole "fuss" was all about!