ABC of Diabetes

Teaching them the ABC of interactive lesson

Dr. S.M.Sadikot.
Hon. Endocrinologist,
Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre,
Mumbai 400026

All of you have patients with diabetes. It has been estimated that every fourth patient that a Consultant sees will have diabetes. In family practice, one in six of your patients will have this problem.

In today's world, the big " buzz" word is that the patients must take charge of their diabetes and that we, doctors, should only be there to guide and advise.

Which is all very fine, but how do we expect someone to take charge of their diabetes, unless they understand the basics of diabetes!

If your patients are to take charge of their diabetes, they also will similarly have to understand the problem before they can "take charge"!

The following article is an effort to present the problem is a simple and graphic manner so that we, doctors, can use it to make our patients understand their diabetes.

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