1-2 cups tea or coffee ( no added sugar) Mi 
cup breakfast cereals with cup milk1 C + Mi
2 idlis average size2 C
1 small pat of butter ( 5 gms.)1 Fa
1 cup papaya 1 Fr
1 cup mixed vegetable salad1 V
cup dahi ( skim milk based) Mi
1 cup tea/coffee with a little milk no sugar 
1 apple medium size1 Fr 
cup strained soup 
2 wheat chapaties2 C
1 cup masoor pulav1 C + P
cup cauliflower bhaji1 V
cup cooked bhindi 1 V
cup rajmah1 P
1 cup dahi ( skimmed milk)1 Mi
Salad from Free foods List 
2 teaspoon oil/ghee for cooking 2 Fa
1 dosa medium size1C 
1 cup cubed water melon1 Fr
1 cup tea/coffee with little milk ( no sugar) 
2 jowari chapaties2 C
1 cup (pea) vatana pulav2 C+ P
cup fenugreek (methi) bhaji1 V
cup ( cluster beans) gawar bhaji 1 V
1 cup arhar dal ( thin watery)1 P
1 cup dahi ( skim milk base) 1 Mi
Salad from Free Food List 
2 teaspoon oil/ghee for cooking2 Fa
cup whole milk Mi