Tamil Nadu Recipes
Thenga Kozhambu  
Serves 4


1cup of grated coconut

1 tsp of fenugreek

5-6 red chillies

lemon size tamarind

salt to taste and asafoetida



Take the tamarind and squeeze it in 500 ml of water. Add salt, asafoetida and any veg (mostly okra,chowchow or drumstick) and boil. Take pan and fry fenugreek and red chillies in one spoon of oil. Grind this with coconut in mixie using water. Add this paste to the boiling mixture. Cook till the veg is done. If the kozhambu is too watery take a spoon of rice flour and make a paste using little water and add this to kozhambu and boil for 5 mts. Season it with mustard seeds.


Energy (Kcal) 135 Carotene ( μg) 12.38
Protein (g) 1.72 Vitamin C  (mg) 0.0
Carbohydrate (g) 8.25 Mg  (mg) 2.56
Fat (g) 10.6 Na  (mg) 0.35
Fibre (g) 2.005 K  (mg) 13.25
Minerals (g) 0.584 Mn  (mg) 0.034
Calcium  (mg) 17.13 Zn  (mg) 0.0
Phosphorus  (mg) 76.13 Cr  (mg) 0.004
Iron  (mg) 1.55