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The Cereal Group forms the base of the Pyramid and a large portion of you meal would consist of foods taken from this group of foods.

Each serving in the Cereal Group contains 15 grams of carbohydrates, 3 gms of proteins , a trace of fat and gives about 80 calories.

Examples of one serving of food from this group are:

OR   OR   OR  
1 Slice of Bread 1/2 cup rice ½ cup cooked cereals or
¾cup dry flakes of cereal
 1 small baked potato

One serving can be from
Bread ( white or brown) 1 large slice,25 gms
Bread ( white of brown) two small slices
Pau, 1 average size
Rice , brown, boiled cup
Rice , white, boiled cup
Rice, flaked 25 gms weight
Chapaties wheat, 1, approx. 6 inches wide, 25 gms. weight
Chapaties, Jowar 1, approx. 6 inches wide, 25 gm. Weight
Chapaties, Bajra 1, approx. 6 inches wide, 25 gms weight
Chapaties, Maize (Makai) 1, 6 inches wide, 25 gms weight
Dosa 1, approx. 10 inches in diameter, 40 gms weight cooked
Idli 1, small approx. 30 gms. weight
Upma cup
Poha cup
Dalia cup cooked
Atta (whole wheat flour) 25 gms. weight
Atta ( ragi flour ) 25 gms. weight
Atta ( makai flour) 25 gms. weight
Atta ( Bajra Flour ) 25 gms. weight
Atta ( Kotu flour ) 25 gms. weight
Maida 25 gms. weight
Spaghetti cup cooked
Macaroni cup cooked
Noodles cup cooked
Porridge cup
Potato 1 small , 2 in. diameter
Sweet Potato (shakarkhandi) 1/3rd cup
Yam ( Suran) 1/3rd cup
Raw Plantain cup

Note: Very starchy vegetables such as potatoes, yam and corn are included in the Cereal List

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