Serves 4

5-6 medium sized bittergourd a small piece ginger
4-5 red chillies A pinch of hing
1 tsp concentrated tamarind, add water and dilute 2 tbsp vegetable oil
1/2 cup jaggery powder 1 tsp mustard seeds

For the powder

1 tbsp coriander seeds 1/2 cup grated coconut
2 tbsp peanuts 1 tsp cumin seeds


  1. Mix the ingredients to be made into powder, fry them slightly, powder them and keep aside.
  2. In a pan take oil and when heated, add mustard seeds and allow it to splitter.
  3. Then add the bittergourd (cut into small pieces and seeds removed ) into the pan and fry it till it becomes golden brown or loses its color .
  4. Then add the red chillies, hing, ginger and the masala powder.
  5. Mix this properly. Now add the tamarind water and allow it to boil till a somewhat thick gravy is formed.
  6. Add jaggery, mix it well. Wait for about 2 minutes and remove from heat.
  7. Serve with paratha or rice.
Nutrient Composition Per Serving
Energy (Kcal) 219 Carotene ( μg ) 30.63
Protein (g) 4.46 Vitamin C (mg) 0.0
Carbohydrate (g) 23.2 Mg (mg) 43.03
Fat (g) 12.0 Na (mg) 3.43
Fibre (g) 3.6 K (mg) 204.6
Minerals (g) 1.92 Mn (mg) 0.232
Calcium (mg) 56.42 Zn (mg) 0.683
Phosphorus (mg) 97.16 Cr (mg) 0.01
Iron (mg) 3.02


Reduce the amount of oil/ghee used for preparation.